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mcrp v12

02 May 2012 / in Monome, Music, Video

It’s been so long since my last post but I’m going to make some today… On January we released the tracks for the Monome community remix project version 12, this time we had to collaborate with another fellow monomer to compose the track. I made it with Conor, from Belfast, and this is a special […]

New monome compilation

22 Mar 2011 / in Monome, Music

地震、津波、火災、原発事故、安住の地は一瞬にして地獄となった。 復興への道は長く険しいだろう。 しかし、家族、友人、地域への想いが勇気と強い意志を育み、復興は見事に成し遂げられるだろう。                     The earthquake, tsunami, fire and nuclear accident transformed their peaceful places into scenes from hell in a second. The road to reconstruction must be long and tough. However, their passion for their families, friends and communities develops courage and willpower, and they will make remarkable recovery.                                                                                               KEIGO AKIYAMA                                                               This […]

Monome Community Tour – Europe

11 Nov 2010 / in Gigs, Monome, Music, Photo

So, the tour has gone, was good to be part of, and I’m glad how everything worked out in Barcelona, was really nice to see how the people was interested, asking about live sets and about technical stuff. The firs date in London was great, more like a familiar meeting for the monomers, and the […]

Monome Tour BCN 05/11

28 Sep 2010 / in Gigs, Monome

We have almost everything ready for the tour stop in Barcelona. We will have a nice afternoon at Riereta, c/riereta, 5 in the Raval. A beautiful european line-up will begin to make some noise from 19 till midnight. But before Mudo and Bite will be here to share with us a little workshop/discussion/demo about monomes […]

santa fe pasatiempo

13 Sep 2010 / in Monome

Our fellow monomer Frank, Watson ( shared this article from the Santa Fe Pasatiempo about the Monome Tour.

new work

29 Ago 2010 / in Monome, Music

New colaborations will be available very soon

Monome community Tour

28 Ago 2010 / in Gigs, Monome

Nice! Peter Kirn has just reported about the tour on his awesome blog Create Digital muic. “The monome is coming to your town. Unlike tours organized by commercial product vendors, a grassroots effort by monome users pledges to share the music made with the monome and give back to a larger community. It’s hard […]

my trip to the states

25 Ago 2010 / in Monome, Photo

This summer I’ve visited the monome country… the United States, with my wife and my fellow 256 :/ We flew from Barcelona to San Francisco to begin the trip in the east coast. The first days we stayed in a friend’s sweet house in Silicon Valley. We made some visits to San Francisco but the […]