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Pauk, Remixed

01 Dic 2011 / in Music

Finally it’s here!! After releasing my second LP with Enpeg, Discontinurecords is releasing this album made with remixes of some friends, and great artists, where they take my sound and bring it to their own field. iTunes I JUNO Just a big thankyou for them to put toghether this album!! CAUTO EDISON AZ-ROTATOR PHORTRAN SENMOVE […]

New album: Snails’n’dragons

08 Sep 2011 / in Music

I’m really proud to announce my new album,, released by Enpeg. You can get the FLAC in ENPEG or the mp3 in n5MD. Now abailable in iTunes and Amazon as well. I’m glad and love the description they have made about the album: ‘Snails’n’dragons’ is an amazing album from the forever talented Pauk. Created from […]

New monome compilation

22 Mar 2011 / in Monome, Music

地震、津波、火災、原発事故、安住の地は一瞬にして地獄となった。 復興への道は長く険しいだろう。 しかし、家族、友人、地域への想いが勇気と強い意志を育み、復興は見事に成し遂げられるだろう。                     The earthquake, tsunami, fire and nuclear accident transformed their peaceful places into scenes from hell in a second. The road to reconstruction must be long and tough. However, their passion for their families, friends and communities develops courage and willpower, and they will make remarkable recovery.                                                                                               KEIGO AKIYAMA                                                               This […]